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BookBuddy Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3872 ratings )
Productivity Book Reference
Developer: Kimico, Ltd.
4.99 USD
Current version: 8.7.3, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 09 Oct 2010
App size: 32.79 Mb

BookBuddy is a powerful book management app that gives you access to your entire book catalog, anywhere. Using BookBuddy is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any book in your library, share your favorite books, and keep track of borrowed and lent books.


* SLEEK & FUNCTIONAL: BookBuddy is cleanly designed and simple to use.

* BUILT-IN SYNCING: Seamlessly sync your BookBuddy library across all your devices using iCloud or Dropbox. Your data stays in sync so that you always have the up-to-date version of your library on all your iOS devices.

* BE PRODUCTIVE: Multitask seamlessly on iPad with full Split View support in iOS 9.

* HIGH PERFORMANCE: BookBuddy easily supports large book collections. Some of our users manage more than 10,000 books!

* ONE-STEP ADD: You can add books to your BookBuddy library by simply scanning the barcode or by searching Google Books.

* KEEP TRACK: Keep track of where your books are, which books you’ve borrowed, and to whom you’ve loaned books.

* PERSONALIZE: Create your own categories for organizing your books, maintain your own Wish List, mark your Favorites for instant access, and add personal notes about any given book.

* QUICK FIND: Instantly locate any book in your BookBuddy library by entering a search keyword or by scanning the book’s barcode.

* EASILY SHARE: Share your favorite books using Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can even export all or selected portions of your BookBuddy library in standard file formats for colleagues and friends to view on their computer or any other device.

* RELIABLE BACKUP: Keep your hard work safe by backing up your entire library to the cloud using Dropbox service. If you ever lose your iPhone you can restore your BookBuddy library on any iOS device, instantly!

* IMPORT 3RD PARTY DATA: Import from other popular book catalog apps, such as Google Books, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, and Anobii to ensure that your BookBuddy library is always up-to-date.

* AND MUCH MORE: Assign multiple tags to books, sort books by any field, arrange books in a series, manage each book’s reading status, easily print information about selected books to AirPrint-enabled printers, and much much more!


“Book collectors best friend”
“I love my BookBuddy app!! As a book collector I no longer worry about buying doubles. When friends borrow my books I know exactly where they are, and Within seconds I can tell exactly what I have and dont have. Makes my hobby so much more enjoyable!” (Nina G.)

“Excellent app!”
“This is the BEST app to inventory your library. Fast, efficient, easy and FUN to use. I love it! Now no more buying duplicate books. I take my "library" everywhere I go on my iPhone! Awesome!” (Cheryl C.)

“Delivered as promised”
“Easy to use, easy to manage, but does precisely what you need, maintain a database of your personal book collection, loans and wanna-haves with sheer genius simplicity. Best app I ever bought!” (Arjen. P)


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Pros and cons of BookBuddy Pro app for iPhone and iPad

BookBuddy Pro app good for

...if you enjoy this sort of thing, this is something youll enjoy a lot! You can use it to catalogue your books, but I find the "wish list" most useful. Im not sure it was technically worth the money, but Im very happy I bought it.
I like the app but Id like to see the option to post to Facebook what Im reading. Also would be nice to have a field for series title and number, and to be able to choose more than one genre for a book would be awesome.
Love this app. Its every thing I was looking for. I especially like the fact that it keeps track of books that have been borrowed or loaned out.
I really love this app and would be giving it a 5 star rating if not for one thing. I love to include publication years for my book lists but the only option is to add an entire publication date, day month and is hard to find this for every book and I dont want to just make up the date. It would be nice if you could add only the year, or if you could create your own field to include.
Very, very useful for inventory on books. Easy to use and sort my books. As with the movie one, it would be great if you could add box sets and then see the individual books that the set contains, along with separate pictures and info. Otherwise a flawless app.
This app is simple to use and user-friendly. Its search engine could be greatly improved. Often, you search for an ISBN from a scan and it brings back nothing; but when manually enter that same ISBN, it works.

Some bad moments

I purchased this app because of the book barcode scanner. If Im lucky, the app recognizes 1 out of 5 of my books. They arent super obscure books either. In the end, this doesnt save me much time in tracking my books. Pretty disappointed.
Cover pictures are of poor quality, out of focus. Im going back to the previous application!
I used this app happily for years, until a catastrophic failure occurred. The company was unable to restore the corrupted database. Back ups were unavailable. Hundreds of book entries are lost. The company says this "rarely" occurs when the database structure is modified, as in the case of the last book buddy update.
Since the new update, my app keeps freezing. I love, love this app and would just like for it to work again.
Okay — I’m impressed. I bought this about 15 minutes ago and quickly — and accurately — scanned about 41 books. In low light conditions, the application automatically turned on the iPhone flashlight to illuminate the screen. One book came back with the title in Japanese, but otherwise accurate for cover and category. The editing function meant that small edits were quite easy. Adding in my dropbox account took all of about 10 seconds and I immediately did a backup of my data. It’s not CSV format, but a binary SQL format. But wait! It *exports* a CSV file to my dropbox — or let’s me email it. Or print it. Wow. This is pretty cool. NICE APPLICATION! This is going to be great.
I love this app. Im an avid reader & a lot of the stuff I read are books that are part of a series. This app not only keeps everything in check, you can also organize by series, so I know exactly which Ive read & where to pick up if its been awhile, or even to see if the author has added to the series. Perfect organizational tool. :)

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